Happy Fathers' Day-ta!

How has the change in the types of devices we use to listen to music affected the way we listen to music with our families? In honor of Fathers' Day, we decided to take a closer look at how dads today connect with music.

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iHeartRadio's New Groove: The Vinyl Experience

Today, 67 years to the day after the unveiling of the first LP record, iHeartRadio is proud to announce a new station that brings the charm and culture of LP playback to the digital world: The Vinyl Experience.

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Top 10 Fridays: 6/12/15

Every Friday we bring you the iHeartRadio Chart, highlighting the week’s most popular songs, and a link to our iHeartRadio Countdown station, hosted by Romeo and a special guest.

Non-Music Monday: Free Time Fun Edition

It’s time for another installment of Non-Music Monday! We’re not playing around when we tell you these podcasts about games and hobbies will make you eager to try something new this summer.

Visitor Pass: The Making of an iHeartRadio Event

As one of the iHeartRadio event photographers, I’m in the unique position of getting a bird's-eye view of everything it takes to put on an iHeartRadio show

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