#NewMusicTuesday: Shower Thoughts with Broods

This week we’re sitting down with Georgia and Caleb Nott, the dynamic duo known as Broods, to hear some of their “Shower Thoughts.” The sister and brother powerhouse pair stopped by iHeartRadio to share some deeper thoughts on simpler things, including why dogs love to play fetch and how to improve car alarms. Georgia and Caleb have just released their long-awaited second album Conscious, much to the delight of their devoted fanbase.


The siblings made their first big appearance in 2014 when their delicate, breathy single “Bridges” materialized on the charts. Georgia, with her angelic voice and impressive range, is in charge of lead vocals, while her brother covers producing and backing vocals. Together they write lyrics, coordinate outfits, and share opinions on whether or not food actually does go bad.

Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes moment with the duo, and tune in to Broods Radio for more ethereal, dreamy tunes.

Banner/thumbnail image courtesy of Ilya S. Savenok​​