Artist of the Week: Dua Lipa

Not too long ago, our Artist of the Week was posting cover songs to YouTube just hoping for a few views. Flash forward three years and she’s now the artist that aspiring musicians around the world want to cover! We had a chance to chat with Dua Lipa last month and to her it’s still all so surreal.

The London born pop singer’s anticipated new album was worth the wait. Dua Lipa teased the album with hit single “ Hotter than Hell” which peaked at No. 15 in the U.K. and helped the artist decide how she wanted the rest of her debut album to sound. “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” gave her another Top 40 tune, but she wouldn’t stop there.

Back in June, Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” topped the charts, making her the first female artist since Adele to have a No. 1 single in the U.K.! Adele’s “Hello” reached the top over two years ago and we were psyched to see another female earn the spot.

Since releasing that self-titled debut, Dua Lipa says her musical dreams are coming true. She can’t wait to keep creating music that empowers fans – and we’ll be here anxiously waiting. Head on over to iHeartRadio to throw on her tunes, and check out our full interview with Dua Lipa below!