Artist of the Week: Khalid

Our Artist of the Week Khalid’s debut album American Teen skyrocketed him to the top of the music industry, so when it came time for the R&B singer to put together a second album, expectations were high. But rest assured, fans, Free Spirit, doesn’t disappoint! Just 18 years old when American Teen was released, Khalid is a more mature artist this time around, now 21. Still, he has maintained the authenticity and raw sound that his listeners love.

The tracks on the album tackle a wide array of topics, including Khalid’s struggle to find lasting relationships and his battle with anxiety in “Alive.” It’s also full of exciting collaborations with artists including Disclosure, John Mayer and Stargate with a variety of beautiful instrumental work, especially in “My Bad,” where the guitar truly shines. We can’t get enough!

Check out Khalid’s sophomore album, Free Spirit, now and listen to all your favorite songs by the artist on iHeartRadio.

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