Mental Floss Teams Up With iHeartMedia To Launch A New History Podcast, “History Vs.” Explores Figures That Made a Lasting Impact on Today’s World!

Calling all history addicts and biography enthusiasts — iHeartMedia has teamed up with ​Mental Floss to launch a new podcast that will fascinate you! It’s called “History Vs.” and it explores the lives of historical figures who made a lasting impact on today’s society and culture. Each season of the show will focus on a different historical figure of this magnitude, and for the podcast’s inaugural season, the star is the former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

The show’s host is Erin McCarthy, the editor-in-chief of Mental Floss and host of its popular YouTube channel. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including O: The Oprah Magazine, Parents, Town & Country and more. McCarthy has a history of diving into a story and emerging with something interesting: at Mental Floss, she has written about the never-before-told tale of the Trapper Keeper and its development, the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, a New York City statue plagued by a strange conspiracy theory, and much more. We can’t wait to see what interesting facts and stories her style of journalism will bring to the show!

For each episode of “History Vs.”, McCarthy analyzes how Roosevelt took on a number of challenges, from his debilitating childhood asthma and conflict within his family to conquering every hour of the day and preserving the world for the next generation.

Check out the first episode of “History Vs.” now on iHeartRadio!

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