iHeartRadio’s New Podcast, “She Makes Money Moves,” Offers Financial Advice For Today’s Fierce Females

In today’s workplaces and industries, women continue to earn less than men. It’s a sad but obvious truth that Samantha Barry, the editor-in-chief of Glamour Money, wants to discuss and hopefully defeat. In her new Glamour and iHeartRadio podcast, “She Makes Money Moves,” Barry sits down with different women and experts to discuss the all-too-common pay gap between men and women and how they deal with it (or have fought against it).

“We need to be more comfortable discussing money because, simply put, we can’t have full financial freedom without it,” explains Barry. Barry sits down with financial experts like Farnoosh Torabi, an author, financial reporter and popular television personality and Tiffany Aliche, the self-proclaimed “Budgetnista” and powerhouse dedicated to making life-changing financial education accessible to women worldwide. But that’s not all! Barry is also joined on the podcast by other financially-savvy women like Nicole Lapin, Shannon McLay and Stefanie O’Connell.

Barry and the guest experts believe that there’s power, especially for young women, in talking about money⁠—not only how much they make or spend but also how they invest their earnings. “She Makes Money Moves” dives into these difficult topics as well as the impact of money on love, identity, society and other subjects that matter to women.

Learn a little bit more about how to start making moves toward equal pay and smart spending as a modern woman. Stream the first episode of “She Makes Money Moves” on iHeartRadio today!

She Makes Money Moves​​​​​​​​​​​​​​