Check Out the First Episode of “Questlove Supreme” Featuring Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon Today on iHeartRadio!

The first episode of “Questlove Supreme” is finally here! On this iHeartRadio podcast, Quest and the Supreme team dig deep into the stories of their cast of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only they can. The show’s breakout episode features the one-and-only Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show where Questlove is the musical director and longtime drummer with the show’s house band, The Roots.

Over the course of an hour, the two engage in a really compelling conversation and banter that eventually bleeds into their shared passion for music. Jimmy talks in detail about how his relationship with music has evolved and matured through various stages of his life. They begin with his childhood, when Jimmy listened to his dad’s favorite songs from his time serving in Vietnam — and growing older and realizing that most soldiers didn’t actually listen to doo-wop — to his high school jam band days. Quest and Jimmy also discuss working together on The Tonight Show and share their favorite moments including standout guests, sets gone wrong and more!

What’s more, in the episode, the duo relate over the wild hours they’ve put into the show and the pressure and challenges it puts on the relationships in their lives — yet, somehow, Jimmy still finds time to have breakfast with his two kids almost every morning and is currently teaching his 5-year-old daughter to dance. Quest and Jimmy’s conversation covers a lot of ground, but the one thing that remains constant is that music has been a cornerstone of both of their lives and has played a major role for them both.

Interested? Of course you are! You can check out the first episode of “Questlove Supreme” today on iHeartRadio today!

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