Check Out Which Songs Brought Villanova to March Madness Victory!

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Villanova Wildcats bested the Michigan Wolverines in the final game of the 2018 NCAA Championship last night, but can you guess which songs their fans will be blasting when the team comes home to celebrate?

We’ve identified the most thumbed-up songs among Villanova students, and—no surprise—Drake’sGod’s Plan” came out on top! Perhaps it was God’s plan all along for Villanova to win two years in a row, or at least that’s what Villanova students will have us believing! “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons was the second most-liked song, which makes sense, since we’re guessing the viewing parties last night sounded a lot like thunder, too.  

The school’s favorite musical genres are hip hop and R&B, followed by Top 40 and pop, while their top three favorite artists are Cardi B, Drake and Post Malone in that order. We’re starting to get a feel for what party playlists must sound like at Villanova, and we like what we see! Villanova students love podcasts, too—their favorite is “Elvis Duran on Demand!”

Congratulations to all the incredible players that participated in this year’s NCAA Championship, and of course, a big shout out to Villanova for the big win! Great job, Wildcats!