For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview with Kris Wu

Just in time for his 28th birthday, Chinese-Canadian hip hop artist Kris Wu dropped his first album, Antares, and we’ve been freaking out ever since!

For his debut album, Wu took his time recording Antares to ensure the body of work gave both Eastern and Western listeners a deep understanding of his sound as a solo artist. Starting his musical career as a member of the popular K-pop group EXO, he developed a passionate fanbase and wanted the album to be his gift to those who have followed his musical transition to hip hop.

Wu gained recognition in the hip hop world quickly after his debut single “Like That” made it to to the top of the US Billboard charts. By recording songs in both Mandarin and English, Wu stayed true to his origins, while earning respect for Chinese artists in the West.

From Vin Diesel FaceTiming him with birthday wishes to Louis Vuitton naming him the brand’s international ambassador, it’s clear Wu has the world’s attention. And he’s determined not to disappoint. Between acting, singing, and modeling, Wu has plenty in the pipeline, including plans for a world tour!

Check out our exclusive interview with Kris Wu and listen to his debut album, Antares, on iHeartRadio!