“Committed” Is Back For Its Fourth Season With Brand New Stories About Love and Relationships!

Grab your headphones and a tissue box because “Committed” is back with a brand new season! Host Jo Piazza has returned ready to peel back the curtain on marriage and relationships with brand new stories of couples trying to make it work. Sometimes these histories are heartbreaking, and at other times they’re hilarious, but no matter they will inspire you.

This season, Piazza sits down with author Glennon Doyle and her wife, soccer star Abby Wamback to discuss the odd origin story of their relationship and the struggles they overcame when merging Doyle’s previous marriage and children into their new lives. In another episode, Piazza will speak to immunologist David Fajgenbaum about his diagnosis of Castleman’s disease, a rare “orphan” disease. Because little medical research has been performed on this condition, Fajgenbaum had to join in on the fight to find a cure before it was too late.

Committed” listeners will also hear from two Marines, Hana and Nick Romer, about their story of meeting in the military and how PTSD, coupled with the stress of children and marriage while actively serving, took its toll on their relationship. In their conversation with Piazza, they discuss how communication and therapy helped them work through these hard times and build a lasting marriage.

And that’s not all! Piazza chats with one couple, Cecilia and Gerry, who loved each other but struggled living together. After realizing that it wasn’t working for them or their kids, the pair decided to live alone, together. They bought a duplex and now live separately in each half of the building—a solution that has worked perfectly for them ever since.

Check out season four of “Committed” today to hear more uplifting and beautiful stories. Because the truth is, we’re all still figuring it out together — and that’s okay.