Looking To Celebrate 4/20—Or Just Relax In General? “Cannabis Talk 101” & “Stay Calm with Bob Roth” Are Two Brand New iHeartRadio Podcasts That Might Help!

Today is April 20th A.K.A. 4/20, the unofficial national celebration of weed day. For any participating listeners, head over to iHeartRadio to check out the popular marijuana-focused talk show, “Cannabis Talk 101.” Or, if you’re hoping to just relax in general, learn how to meditate with iHeartRadio’s new daily podcast, “Stay Calm with Bob Roth.

Cannabis Talk 101” is the world’s #1 source for everything cannabis-related, and now it’s coming to iHeartRadio! Hosted by Chris Wright, Joe Grande and Marc and Craig Wasserman, this show is perfect for anyone who has a passion for educating, advocating and defending members of the cannabis community. Listeners will hear discussions about the benefits of cannabis, the laws surrounding it and the hosts’ thoughts on stoner stereotypes.

A little bit more on the “Cannabis Talk 101” hosts: Chris Wright (also known as Blue) has been involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry—from medical cannabis dispensaries and collectives to the controversial cannabis movement and its cultivation. In 2015, he established the “Cannabis Talk 101” radio show and has been one of the highest sought after speakers in the cannabis industry ever since. Joe Grande, another host on the show, has a long history in radio beginning with San Francisco’s morning show, “The Dog House.” He later moved into sports radio with Fox Sports & NBC Sports before eventually crossing paths with the “Cannabis Talk 101” team. And, last but not least, brothers Marc and Craig Wasserman also voice the show. Lawyers by trade, they use their legal expertise to enlighten every discussion around cannabis advocacy and legalization.

Or, you can check out iHeartRadio’s new meditation podcast, “Stay Calm with Bob Roth.” Hosted by Bob Roth, a transcendental meditation guru to the stars, this show is a bite-sized, seven-minute daily podcast. In each episode, Bob tells a meditation story and provides guidance to listeners on how to stay calm during the time of COVID-19.

This show is not only a great listen, it’s also very helpful: Bob emphasizes that meditation and "staying calm" is not some hippy-dippy thing, rather a requirement and necessity to get through today and days to come. And he has a lot of experience teaching it: Not only has he coached stars like Oprah and Lady Gaga, but with his charity, the David Lynch Foundation, he has taught more than one million inner city kids how to meditate.

Interested in either show? You can find episodes from both of these shows today on iHeartRadio! Head on over to check them out!