Get High on Life With Our 4/20 Playlist

Gather round, music-loving friends, because we’ve got tea. Tomorrow is a special day for cannabis enthusiasts, so we’ve put together a 4/20 Playlist to keep you “Feelin' It” all day long.

From classics like the “Hold It Now, Hit It” by the Beastie Boys, to new favorites like “Habits (Stay High)” by Tove Lo, this playlist will keep you entertained while you’re too toked to do much else. And if you’re not one to take “Hits from the Bong,” our 4/20 Playlist is also a great way to simply celebrate the most notorious stoner musicians of our time, like Snoop Dog, Sublime and Wiz Khalifa.

So whether you’re spending your Saturday getting “High By The Beach” or stuck at work, turn up our 4/20 Playlist on iHeartRadio and keep it mellow.

4/20 Playlist​​​​​​​