iHeartRadio On the Verge: #NewMusicTuesday with Bishop Briggs

It can be difficult to carve out a distinct sound in today’s culture. However, there are some who stray from the center and in the process find their own unique voice. Perhaps no up-and-coming musician exemplifies this more than the young Bishop Briggs, whose recent singles have sent an array of unique chords through the music industry. New to the music scene but showing no signs of slowing down, Briggs has revealed herself to be an artist driven by powerful emotion and guided by a strong sense of self. Her 2015 song “Wild Horses” introduced us to this young woman’s sheer emotional capacity and fresh talent; her soulful anthem “River,” released earlier this year, confirmed her as a poignant powerhouse of 2016.

Heartfelt and intoxicating, Briggs’ music engulfs with unapologetic waves of raw emotion. With a voice that balances the intimacy of Banks and the unrestrained passion of Janis Joplin, Briggs dropped her first single in 2015, but has been performing since she was four years old. Born in Scotland, then raised in Japan and Hong Kong, she spent much of her life writing and performing original music — so it’s no surprise that her music is infused with worldly maturity and confident identity.

Whether you’re drawn by the transcendent quality of her vocals or the beauty of her lyrics, tune in and prepare for an experience of hauntingly evocative and timeless emotion. Bishop Briggs holds nothing back, and we certainly don’t want her to.

Banner/thumbnail images courtesy of Kevin Winter / Getty Images