#NewMusicTuesday: O.L.A.

You might not be familiar with O.L.A. yet, but you'll start to hear more and more from this up-and-coming artist as her debut U.S. single "Best That I've Felt" continues to gain momentum. Already a household name in her native Poland, this twenty-two year old is making a name for herself with this catchy tune because it's perfect forgetting ready with friends for a night out and features feel-good pop synths and tropical vibes – you can't help but start bopping along.

Speaking with Popmatters when her song debuted, O.L.A. shared how "Best That I've Felt" is about acceptance, "embracing the fact that there is beauty in our differences, being free no matter what, living life to its fullest and taking the time to remind yourself that happiness is a choice we must commit to every single day. At the end of the day, it's all about loving yourself." We couldn't agree more – when life gets crazy, we all need to be reminded of this!

O.L.A. was nice enough to record an acoustic version of "Best That I've Felt" for us recently, so be sure to listen below if you want to slow it down a bit.

O.L.A. - "Best That I've Felt" (Acoustic) | iHeartRadio Live