#NewMusicTuesday: Halsey, “Without Me”

This year, Halsey’s childhood dream of joining the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came true — just not exactly the way she imagined. She may not have had wings at the show last week, but she had a room full of celebrities singing along to her new single, “Without Me!”

The new track is a big step for Halsey, who stripped away all metaphors and drama to speak from her heart. And with the glowing reception the record has received, it’s clear Halsey is tuned into the same frequency as her fans, sharing the experience of growing up through music.

Halsey lives by the idea that art changes you and the world around you. In the video below, the artist shares how creating and releasing “Without Me” has improved her relationships with the people in her life who really listened to her lyrics, and has her eager to start writing again. She’s already collecting little moments and lines of poetry to use in her next album, and we can’t wait to hear what she creates!

In the meantime, jam out to “Without Me” on iHeartRadio and watch our exclusive interview with Halsey below!