#NewMusicTuesday: Jess Glynne, “One, two, three”

Fresh off a long period of touring followed by long hours spent recording her latest album, Jess Glynne is finally ready for some down time—but not for long. The British pop star says her second album is coming in September and she’ll be on the road again in no time.

It’s been a little while since Glynne has released any music, and fans are eagerly awaiting some new tunes from the “Hold My Hand” singer. But there’s plenty to look forward to when the album does drop. One of Glynne’s favorite tracks, titled “One, Two, Three,” is set to drop before the album itself and it’s an emotional one for the artist— many people were involved in its production, and it came together in a unique way. Plus, Ed Sheeran fans, you’re in for a treat. The two collaborated on a song for the new album, and we’re sure it’s going to be a killer duet.

Look out for Jess Glynne’s new album next month, and in the meantime, check out our exclusive interview with her below and keep listening to her hits on iHeartRadio.