#NewMusicTuesday: Lissie

Lissie Maurus is not your average neighbor. When the 33-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t hanging out with friends and family on her 10-acre farm in Iowa, Lissie is on tour or in the studio crafting the next set of powerful songs and lyrics to shape the indie-folk music scene.

Originally from Rock Island, Illinois, Lissie got her start as a bright-eyed and fearless 9-year-old starring in her local theatre’s rendition of Annie. Even at such a young age, Lissie was drawn to the stage and the thrill of performing. In the years following, Lissie continued to sing and eventually moved out to L.A. and signed a record deal. Flash forward to today, three studio albums later, and Lissie is charting her own ground and making timeless music. My Wild West was released this past February and features hits like “Don’t You Give Up On Me.”

So head on over to the latest edition of State Farm Neighborhood Sessions to see Lissie’s full interview. It’s an incredible reminder of how family and your roots are the ultimate key to success. Happy listening!