#NewMusicTuesday: Youngr, “Monsters”

Ready to rock out on your Tuesday? We have just the thing — coming to you from Britain's up-and-coming artist, Youngr. “Monsters” is Youngr’s latest hit, following earlier bangers like “Out Of My System" and “Too Keen.”

Youngr, whose real name is Dario Darnell, hails from Manchester, U.K. and has been making music since he was young by drawing inspiration from the likes of James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Michael Jackson.

The upbeat sound of “Monsters” matches Youngr’s musical style, which he describes as “dancey, pop-y, fantastical, magical, inspiring, different, familiar and fruity” in an original interview with iHeartRadio.

What’s the inspiration behind the song? “Monsters” is a jam “for all the daydreamers and doodlers,” says Youngr in an interview with Billboard. "I wrote this about my childhood at school. I used to draw my maths teacher as a monster whilst counting down the seconds until I could run home and play my drum kit! So if anyone out there is fed up with school or work, put this track on and turn it up."

You heard the man, let’s get loud! Head over to iHeartRadio to hear “Monsters” today, and check out the full interview below!