For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview with Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels came onto the music scene in 2017 with her hit single “Issues” and has been making waves ever since! She just released her second full-length album, Inner Monologue Part 2 earlier this month. The album is both heartbreaking and fun and covers self-love, crumbling relationships and growing up. iHeartRadio had the chance to sit down with Michaels to discuss the new album, how she wrote it and what music inspires her every day.

According to Michaels, this album is all about mental health and body image. She explained that she wrote most of it alone because when you’re writing songs that are as personal as the ones found on Inner Monologue Part 2, “you have to be alone.”

The new album mentions romantic mishaps quite a bit, too. Michaels even jokingly revealed how her dad handles these kinds of lyrics: “No dad wants to see their little girl heartbroken, and when I love, I love. I put my whole heart and soul into everything,” explains Michaels. “And so when I’m heartbroken my dad sees it and it breaks his heart, too. He’s definitely got a list of names!”

When discussing her music, Michaels admits that she doesn’t think it’s for everyone. “It’s an acquired taste,” she says, “and I just write what I feel.”

She also offered up her musical inspirations. Among them are other hard-hitting female singers and lyricists like Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple as well as other more classic female musicians like Ella Fitzergald. “I like to listen to their music and pick apart the string and vocal arrangements,” says Michaels.

Check out iHeartRadio’s full interview with Julia Michaels to learn even more about her new album and its hit song, “Hurt Again.” Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview with Julia Michaels​​​​