For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview With Lay Zhang

Chinese pop star Lay Zhang, or just simply Lay, joined iHeartRadio for an interview about the release of his second studio album and first US debut, Namanana! The album is already tearing up the charts with singles like “Give Me a Chance” and title track “Namanana.” iHeartRadio met up with Lay Zhang to discuss his U.S. debut album, how is English is coming along and his temporary departure from his band, Exo!

Lay was nervous before dropping Namanana because it’s his first English and mando-pop album. Eleven of the songs are sung in English, while the other eleven are sung in Chinese. Lay still struggles with pronouncing English words, but he is working to become more fluent in the language in order to better connect with his English and American fans around the world!

Lay produced the entire album with the help of other popular producers like Bazzi and Pink Slip. One of his favorite songs to work on from the album is “Namanana.” According to Lay, the inspiration for the song came naturally. He was enjoying dinner, thinking about the Lion King and an idea popped into his head. So he went to the studio, made a beat, and worked on it over and over again until he felt the track was perfect.

Lay is one of the nine current members of the popular Korean and Chinese pop band, Exo. When asked about Exo, Lay remarked that he does miss his fellow boy band members when he is working on his solo projects. The band’s sixth studio album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, came out in November 2018 and is considered an electro-pop masterpiece. The band will surely be back in the studio soon for their seventh album, but until then, we can enjoy Lay and his solo career!

Check out iHeartRadio’s full interview with Lay Zhang to learn more about what inspired the album and what artists continue to influence him and his music today!