For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview with Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike is a American rapper and singer from Naples, Florida and his music is currently topping the charts! iHeartRadio had the chance to sit down with Fike and discuss his musical process, his plans for the future and how his life has changed since releasing his popular single, “3 Nights.”

3 Nights” is a song about falling in love and the gradual progression of a relationship that Fike wrote in his room one day. It’s gotten a lot of attention so far because of its mix of fun lyrics, reggaeton influences and Jack Johnson-like guitar sounds.

“It’s a fun song,” says Fike. “People really seem to like it.” Fike also spoke a little about his writing process: sometimes he wrote on the floor of his room, in the shower and lying in his bed.

“And since I wrote this song, my life has changed drastically,” says Fike. Since “3 Nights” came out, Fike has bought a house, moved to Los Angeles, scheduled an upcoming world tour and started working with other popular music acts like BROCKHAMPTON!

Fike talked a little about his time spent recording his 2017 EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. He says his time in the studio was just a blur, but the songs still turned out amazing. In January 2019, Fike revealed he has been working on his new album. That’s definitely something to look forward to for all the “3 Nights” fans out there!

Check out iHeartRadio’s full interview with Dominic Fike to learn more about his writing process, his time in the studio and what music really means to him!