For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview With Pale Waves

Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran, the talented artists behind the band Pale Waves have come a long way since they were just teenagers dreaming of a career in music. Yet, in “Eighteen,” a single off their latest album, the band reflects on the people who shaped their lives back when they were just starting out.

Now, just four years since breaking out into the music scene, the duo has already released an EP, All the Things I Never Said, played for crowds of thousands of fans across the US while on tour with The 1975, and dropped their debut studio album, My Mind Makes Noise.

Every song written by Baron-Gracie and Doran invites listeners into their minds and experiences. The album is packed to the brim with emotion, pulling listeners through the ups and downs of romance, and the tragedies and wonders of growing up.

The duo stopped by iHeartRadio in effortlessly stunning makeup and wicked cool outfits to discuss the album and share how their lives have changed since they met at university in Manchester four years ago. Nothing’s off-limits, from their lack of TV time to their obsession with food. One thing that hasn’t changed since that first night in Manchester? Their desire to share a drink at the end of the day! And if you ask us, they’ve earned it!

Check out our exclusive interview with these musical soulmates here and check out their debut album, My Mind Makes Noise on iHeartRadio.