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Artist of the Week: iHeartRadio’s Living Black!

Celebrate the best of Black culture, impact, music and more with “iHeartRadio’s Living Black!” special—an hour-long event featuring epic performances from Roddy Ricch, 21 Savage, Jhené Aiko, and Kirk Franklin! Join the biggest artists, actors, creators and Black leaders who have shaped the culture now by reliving all the incredible moments on iHeartRadio’s YouTube and Facebook pages now!

Produced by Emmy and Grammy award-winning producer Rikki Hughes of Magic Lemonade, this unforgettable event weaves together one-in-a-lifetime performances, moving tributes and inspiring commentary into a powerful audio and visual celebration of the Black experience. 

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Such as Kirk Franklin’s conversation with the owner of Black Coffee in Forth Worth, Texas—and an infectious performance of his hit song, “Love Theory,” right at the shop!

Or Jhené Aiko’s tour of the Simply Wholesome, a locally-owned grocery store in Los Angeles that she’s been going to since she was a child—as well as intimate renditions of her own chart-topping songs “B.S.” and “Born Tired.”

Then, switch gears and watch 21 Savage visiting one of his favorite Black-owned restaurants, Copper Cove (an ATL institution), as he cooks up a heated performance of his mega-hit “Bank Account” from inside the kitchen.

Last, but certainly not least, breakout star Roddy Ricch shows off the world-famous Trap Kitchen, the Compton-based restaurant that’s changing the food game. And he also serves up a simmering performance of his hip-hop banger, “High Fashion.”

Relive all the epic performances, moving tributes and inspiring features and commentary by watching “iHeartRadio’s Living Black!” in its entirety on iHeartRadio’s YouTube and Facebook pages now!