Check Out iHeartRadio and T-Mobile for Business’s “This Time Tomorrow,” a Podcast All About 5G Networks and Other Future Tech!

There’s exciting news coming out of iHeartRadio and T-Mobile for Business today: these two conglomerates are teaming up to deliver two brand new podcasts to the iHeartPodcast Network! The first podcast of the two is arriving today and is called “This Time Tomorrow.” Hosted by Oz Woloshyn and Karah Preiss, this series uses some of T-Mobile for Business’s expertise, including its insights into 5G networks and how this technology is already impacting our everyday lives.

Wondering what 5G is all about? Put simply, it’s the fifth generation of wireless connection and it’s set to be faster and more responsive than any connection before it (like LTE or 4G). It was first released in 2017, and consumers are gradually adopting this new technology or looking for a way to upgrade their existing tech to use it. 5G is already advancing the rate at which we work, socialize and interact with the world around us. What’s more — as you’ll find out from the podcast’s experts — the 5G revolution has the power to help numerous industries and efforts like Hollywood entertainment and disaster relief!

There’s a lot to learn about 5G and what it can do for the lives of individuals who use it and the world in general. Luckily, in this new series, hosts Woloshyn and Preiss will look closely into what this next generation of wireless connection can really mean for us.

Woloshyn is an Emmy and Peabody-award winning host and producer whose work has been broadcast on Vice, PBS and Bloomberg. Oz’s widely known as one of the leading authorities in tech media and his most recent project “Sleepwalkers,” hit number three on the iTunes Technology chart. Similarly, Preiss is a content producer and co-founder of Belletrist, a social media-first community for book lovers. Prior to Belletrist, Preiss was a science & tech reporter at The Huffington Post and hosted the short form series “Talk Nerdy To Me.”

Want to learn more? Check out the first episode of “This Time Tomorrow” on iHeartRadio today!

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