Dive Back Into History’s Darkest Moments With the Second Season of “Unobscured!”

Calling all history buffs: the critically-acclaimed documentary podcast series “Unobscured” is back with a brand new season! Aaron Mahnke, renowned producer and host, has returned with his trademark narrative style, insightful research and expert interviews to bring fans more eye-opening bits of history.

While the first season focused on the dark events of the 1692 Salem witch trials, the new season delves deep into the world of Spiritualism. By tracing its bizarre trajectory from a scattered fad to a worldwide phenomenon, listeners will discover the truth about the movement—and how it still impacts our world today. The first episode will explore the life of Andrew Jackson Davis, a popular American Spiritualist, and how he helped to jumpstart the movement.

You can start the new season of “Unobscured” today via iHeartRadio — check it out!