Nada's Country: iHeartCountry Festival Covers

By: Nada

I legitimately thought about starting this blog off with a pun about YouTube covers and needing to “cover up” after Jonas this weekend...’re welcome for my not doing that.

Here’s the deal: The iHeartCountry Festival happening in Austin this April is sold out and it’s going to be pretty damn awesome. Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge, Sam Hunt and so. many. more (read that with the radio voice people do that they really shouldn’t do).

But really though, April is kinda-sorta far away and there’s still snow on the streets making it feel even further away. So to help keep us entertained until then, here are some can't-miss covers of songs from iHeartCountry Festival headliners.

Barrett Baber Covers Thomas Rhett — “Die A Happy Man”:

Interesting facts — Barrett was friends with Bobby Bones in college, and he survived a plane crash. Check him out doing a song mashup before ever doing The Voice:

Rajiv Dhall Covers Brett Eldredge – “Bring You Back”:

Nothing beats a little Brett Eldredge crooning, but here’s another good-looking dude singing some Brett Eldredge:

And because we’d all like a little double take of Sam Hunt, here are two Sam covers for your enjoyment:

Kelleigh Bannen Covers Sam Hunt — “Ex To See”

Austin Wake Covers Sam Hunt — “Break Up In A Small Town” Remix

When my search for the perfect Keith Urban cover proved to be disappointing, I knew exactly who to ask about it — Lindsay Ell — the female Keith Urban on guitar, of course!

Literally, while dealing with a broken furnace at home in the midst of Jonas weather and having just come back from the first weekend on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour, she was able to “throw together” (she calls it) this acoustic cover of "Break On Me" in oh, about thirty minutes.

And now, I fully understand this is not under the same criteria as the other covers, but it’s too good not to include. I found this gem while trolling YouTube and I’m now obsessed. Slow clap, Zac Brown Band. Slow clap.

Zac Brown Band Covers Adele — ”He Won’t Go”​​​​​​​