#NewMusicTuesday: Bahari

Hailing from Manhattan Beach, California, this all girl group is a dream team...quite literally! Everything about Bahari, from their music to their coordinated outfits, is dreamlike and delicate with an air of lush bohemian spirit. The SoCal band is made up of Manhattan Beach native Sidney Sartini on guitar, Nashville-born Natalia Panzarella on bass, and keyboardist Ruby Carr, who grew up on the Island of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya. All three sing vocals, combining their voices into airy melodies that you will never leave your head.

Discovered individually and brought together in 2013 by the producers behind Rock Mafia, it took no time before the three young women released a slew of singles, including fan favorite “Wild Ones.” This May they produced their first EP, Dancing in the Sun, complete with five original songs.

Bahari took a break from their whirlwind rise to fame to talk with iHeartRadio about the group and answer the “Who’s Most Likely To” challenge. Watch the behind-the-scenes exclusive and learn some fun facts about the group! Here’s one to get you started: “Bahari” means “ocean” in Swahili! 

Bahari - "Who's Most Likely To" | Artist Challenge


Banner/thumbnail image courtesy of: Kevin Winter/Getty Images