Top 100 podcasts this week

iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart Mondays: Discover Your Next Binge-Worthy Podcast!

Welcome to this week’s iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart! We’re back with a quick look at the top iHeartRadio podcasts that you—our fans—are listening to this week.

At number one on the charts this week we have “Stuff You Should Know.” Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles “Chuck” Bryant, this podcast dives into everyday things we might not think about or don’t actually know a lot about!  This week, they answered questions like “How do flamethrowers work?” and “Will swallowing a tapeworm actually help you lose weight?” The show also did a deep dive into Project Star Gate, a program from the 1970s in which American scientists tried to harness the powers of clairvoyance to help remotely spy on the Soviet Union. Learn more about this strange, secret project in this new episode, titled “How Project Star Gate Worked” today on iHeartRadio! 

Crime Junkie” climbed up to number two on the charts this week. Hosted by Ashley Flowers, this weekly podcast gives listeners their true crime fix. Flowers delivers whatever crime she’s been obsessing over that week in a way that sounds like you’re sitting around and chatting with your best friends. This week, check out the second installment of the show’s two-part episode, titled “WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 2.” After Asenath Dukat went missing, 11 more young girls in Ohio were murdered and many under eerily similar circumstances. Was this the work of one or two predators—or were there many killers involved? Learn more about this story and other unsolved crimes from “Crime Junkie” today!

The third most popular podcast this week is “The Breakfast Club.” Hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God, this morning show brings listeners some of the most popular voices and figures around. This week, the show chatted with actress, model and businesswoman LisaRaye McCoy about her feuds with Nicki Minaj and Nicole Murphy. In another episode, titled “Find Your Joy (Eboni K Williams Interview),” the Breakfast Club talked to attorney and television host Eboni K. Williams about the upcoming election, the defund the police movement and so much more. Head over to iHeartRadio to hear these brand new episodes.

And last but not least, at number four on the charts this week sits “Questlove Supreme.” June is Black Music Month and this popular interview-style podcast wants to help listeners celebrate. Hosted by Grammy Award-winning musician Questlove, this show is highlighting Black artists who have influenced much of the music we know and love today. For example, Questlove recently chatted with the co-founders of Black Music Month, Dyana Williams and Kenny Gamble. And in another recent episode, Questlove chatted with R&B singer Jill Scott about growing up in North Philadelphia and her irreplaceable impact on soul music. Check out these episodes and more from “Questlove Supreme” on iHeartRadio today!  

From comedy to music to true crime, iHeartRadio’s Top 100 Podcast Chart is the new go-to for discovering new podcasts or finding your next binge-worthy obsessions! Check in next week to see which podcast is holding up on the charts!