Unobscured, a New Aaron Mahnke Podcast, Is Coming!

We’re bringing one of the darkest and least understood times in American history—the Salem Witch Trials—to light with Unobscured, a new narrative documentary series hosted by Aaron Mahnke and produced in collaboration with HowStuffWorks, which iHeartRadio has recently acquired. The podcast will launch on October 3, pulling back the layers of time to tell the complete story of what really happened in Salem all those years ago.

Mahnke is no stranger to real life scary stories. The host of Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities, this podcast veteran will bring his signature storytelling to Unobscured and focus on the individuals, traditions and superstitions that shaped the events in Salem. Scored by Chad Lawson, the stories are intertwined with interviews from the world’s foremost Salem Witch Trial scholars. iHeartMedia and HowStuffWorks also have plans to bring this same narrative approach to other misunderstood historical moments in future seasons of Unobscured.

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