For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview with the Jonas Brothers

After six long years, the Jonas Brothers are back together and we couldn’t be happier! But getting the band back together wasn’t an impulse decision. Nick Jonas has openly discussed the difficulties of growing up in the industry and the healing the three needed to do as a family before revisiting the band. Still, the magic the Jonas Brothers create when they play together is undeniable. And judging by the viral release of the Jonas Brothers’ new single “Sucker,” it’s clear that fans certainly feel the magic.

We met up with Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas to chat about the break up, reunion, and new music video. Watch below as Joe Jonas raves about filming the group’s latest music video, praises their significant others as the true stars and dives into the band’s influences, from executive producer and “Sucker” writer Ryan Tedder, to their lifelong favorites like Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac and Sting. With their inspiration, the Jonas Brothers have found a way to highlight three unique voices and stories in their new music.

And since they made our reunion dream come true, we had to ask, what is the Jonas Brothers dream band reunion? Check out their answer and much more in the interview below!