For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview with Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is a rapper turned rockstar who is currently dominating the charts with his new album, Hotel Diablo. iHeartRadio was lucky enough to sit down with the artist to talk about his new album, what inspired it, getting YUNGBLUD in the studio and how he has grown as a person and artist.

When asked how Hotel Diablo is different from other albums, MGK explained that he actually had a full album ready in 2018. However, after playing it to a couple friends and getting their opinions, he decided to go back to the drawing board for another try.

“I was covering up my actual problems with songs and not confronting them. With [Hotel Diablo], I started confronting the actual problems, digging deep and pulling apart the problems that I never actually talked about,” explained MGK. “With this album, I finally confronted the frustrations and problems that I have had since I was a kid.”

MGK also explained that he wanted to make an album that can transcend time and he believes that this album can do just that. When asked about his biggest inspiration, MGK admitted that it’s his little girl, Casie. In fact, she even helped him pick the album title. At one point, MGK changed the album title but Casie asked him to change it, saying “No, you know what Dad, I think Hotel Diablo is way cooler.”

I Think I’m Okay” is arguably the album’s biggest hit. The track features YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker. In his conversation with iHeartRadio, MGK explained that he had been trying to work with YUNGBLUD for quite some time and when he finally got him in the studio, it was magic almost immediately.

What’s more, MGK also explained a little bit about the story behind “I Think I’m Okay.” According to the rapper, the song is about being an idiot and ruining all of his relationships in one night out.

And MGK appears ready for the future when it comes to his career and personal life. “I’m not scared of [drama] anymore,” he explained. “I got a lot of it for a while, and now I know that if you touch a rattlesnake you’ll get bit.”

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