For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview With FLETCHER

FLETCHER’s new single “Undrunk” dropped last week, and we’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. The breakup anthem is a track and a story she has held close to her heart for a while now, and it’s pretty clear why. Though it maintains the upbeat, pop sound we’ve come to expect from the burgeoning singer/songwriter, it’s also full of emotionally raw lyrics and offers an honest depiction of her first heartbreak.

The artist’s upcoming EP is filled will similar stories from the last few years of her life. She left home to attend college at New York University, found herself as a musician, fell in love, experienced heartbreak, and, over time, felt ready to fall in love again. While many may find it hard to wear their heart on their sleeve, FLETCHER sees music as an outlet for her self discovery— it’s how she ensures listeners can connect with her songs.

A big believer in using her platform to support women, FLETCHER says that when she looks at the female musicians at the top of the charts today, like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, it’s their storytelling, vulnerability and honesty that she admires most. She believes that telling genuine stories with music is the easiest way to make the world a better place — And we do too!

Check out FLETCHER’s new single “Undrunk” on iHeartRadio, and keep an eye out for the release of her EP!