Introducing Dark Mode for the iHeartRadio app, Just in Time for Halloween!

See your iHeartRadio app in a new light with Dark Mode, offering more control and customization of your visual experience.

Join GLAAD’s Spirit Day Movement Today In Support And Acceptance To LGBTQ Youth At A Time When They Need It Most

GLAAD is partnering with iHeartRadio to raise awareness for Spirit Day, the world’s largest and most visible anti-bullying campaign for LGBTQ youth

Meet the Eight Up-and-Coming Podcast Creators Chosen for iHeartRadio’s NextUp!

Join iHeartRadio in celebrating the eight incredible podcast creators selected for NextUp, a new initiative empowering new promising creators to share their voices and stories with the world!

Introducing Voice-Enabled Song Requests and Dedications with Alexa!

iHeartRadio presents a groundbreaking new way to interact with your favorite radio DJs. Start sending song requests and dedications with iHeartRadio’s new Alexa feature!

iHeartRadio Launches NextUp to Elevate Up-and-Coming Podcast Creators!

NextUp gives new opportunities for diverse and promising new podcast creators to share their voices and stories with the world.

Stay on the Move With iHeartRadio and Müüv’s New Integration!

Get inspired to keep moving with Müüv’s new workout audio coaching experience, powered by your iHeartRadio media and entertainment!

iHeartRadio Adds Vizbee Support to Bring iHeartRadio to Your TV!

Seamlessly hand off the iHeartRadio audio experience from your mobile device to your TV via our new Vizbee integration!

iHeartRadio Celebrates 150 Million Registered Users!

Join iHeartRadio in celebrating this tremendous new milestone, and get a sneak peek at all the new iHeartRadio entertainment in store for you this year!

iHeartRadio Joins the Epic Games Store

Gamers, rejoice! iHeartRadio’s live radio, podcasts, music playlists and more are now available through our free app in the Epic Games Store.

iHeartRadio Adds WellBe Support to Provide Free Entertainment for Users

iHeartRadio is teaming up with HandsFree Health to bring the best in digital music and radio streaming to WellBe users, for free!