#NewMusicTuesday: 3LAU, Ultraviolet

Artist 3LAU is no stranger to the EDM scene, and it’s hard to believe that Ultraviolet is actually his debut album. The Las Vegas-born DJ discovered EDM while on vacation in Sweden back in 2011, and began experimenting with mashups when he returned to college in the U.S. By 2012, he was releasing his own mixes, and has been busy recording, performing at festivals and traveling on global tours ever since. Ultraviolet is the culmination of his career so far, and highlights his unique ability to create highly melodic EDM hits that demonstrate his production ability, without losing their musical quality.

While songs like “Star Crossed” introduce a futuristic sound, “Winter” has a more traditional electronic quality, and solidifies 3LAU as a force to be reckoned with in the EDM world. What makes this talented DJ even more impressive, however, has a lot to do with his values. 3LAU is passionate about philanthropy and is involved with a number of organizations, including Pencils of Promise, F Cancer and others. 3LAU has even said that all streaming proceeds from Ultraviolet will be donated to charity—talk about a big heart!

Watch 3LAU describe what spurred his interest in philanthropy in the video below and check out his music on iHeartRadio!