For Your Eyes: Exclusive Interview With Lexie Lu

If you haven’t heard of Lexie Liu yet, you will now! The rapper/pop star was just named the voice of a Chinese generation, and we are completely obsessed with her genre and language-blending music!

The rising star has wanted to be singer since she was 14, when she started uploading videos to YouTube and received possessive feedback. Since then, she has released three uber popular singles with accompanying music videos and has signed with the forward looking Asian music label, 88rising. Just last week she released her first EP with the label, 2030, and it’s amazing!

Liu immediately felt a strong connection to the label, knowing they shared her ideology about culture crossovers in the music industry. And Liu doesn’t take her role in helping asian artists break into the American music scene lightly. She truly believes in bringing people together through music, and refused to settle her sound into one genre or language.

The artist has come a long way from writing songs on the floor of her dorm room the bathroom, but her time at an American university made a deep impression on Liu and her music. She even quotes the prologue from The Great Gatsby in her new single “Hat Trick.” Having moved from Korea to major in global business at Fordham University, Liu credits music with helping her open up and find herself.

This popstar has a clear vision for the future of music—and she definitely got our attention. Check her out on iHeartRadio!